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Feb 2nd 2021
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Lot #Description
11/18th BMW Z8 Roadster
21/18th 1951 Mercury 
31/10th Dragnet Motorcycle 
41/24th 24k Gold Dick Trickle Racecar
51/24th 1949 Mercury Sedan
61/18th Ferrari 348TS
71/18th 1941 Whilly's Coupe
81/18th 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe
91/18th 1971 Buick GSX
101/18th 2004 350 Z 
111/24th 24k Gold #36 Drag Car
121/24th DDP Street Rod
131/18th 1969 GTO Super Judge
141/18th 1969 Shelby GT 500
151/18th Dodge Viper GTSR
161/18th 1973 Firebird Trans am
171/18th 1997 Dodge Viper GTS 
181/24th Dale Earnhardt Legacy Racecar 
191/18th Aston Martin V12 Vanquish James Bond 007 
201/18th 1970 Challenger RT
211/18th 1970 Chevy Chevelle
221/18th Holiday Hot wheels 2001 
231/24th 1957 Chevy Bel Air
241/24th 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery 
251/24th Travis Tritt Drag Car
261/18th 1955 Nomad 
271/18th Dodge Viper SRT 10
281/18th 1940 Sedan Delivery
291/18th Porche 550A Spyder
301/24th Richard Petty 1970 Super Bird
311/18th Porche Boxster
321/18th 1957 Chevy
331/18th 1969 Chevy Camaro 
341/18th 2006 Chevy Camaro Concept 
351/18th 1967 Shelby GT 500 
361/18th Whilly's Coupe
371/18th Ford GT 90
381/18th 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge 
391/18th 1940 Ford Street Rod
401/18th Dodge Charger
411/18th 1964 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
421/18th Porche Carrera GT
431/6th BMW R1200C
441/6th Arlen Ness Custom Motorcycle
451/18th Plymouth Prowler 
461/18th 1997 Dodge Viper GTS-R
471/24th 1957 Chevy Bel Air
481/18th Lamborghini
49Dodge Ram Bear Foot
50Mighty Monster
511/18th 1969 Camaro 
521/16th Dale Jr 1999 Gas pump
531/24th Corvette Stingray
541/18th EL Diablo II Motorcycle 
551/6th MX Dirt bike 
561/6th Yamaha 250 
571/18th 1941 Whilly's Coupe 
581/18th Crysler Pronto Couzer 
591/18th DE TOMASO Pantera 
601/24th 1933 Ford Highboy Coupe
611/18th 1969 Boss 302
621/18th 1969 Boss 302
631/18th 1966 GTO 
641/18th 1957 Thunderbird
651/18th 1965 Chevy Corvette
661/18th Mustang Mach III 
671/18th 2003 Acura NSX
681/18th Custom 1957 Chevy 
691/18th 1964 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
701/24th Goldberg 24k Gold Nitro-Street Rod
711/24th Billy Dean Hot Rod
721/18th 1934 Ford High Tech 
731/18th 4GT 40
741/18th 1965 Chevelle Wagon
751/18th 1970 Cuda 
761/18th BMW Z8
771/18th Mercedes Benz SLK 230 
781/18th 1955 Fairlane Crown Victoria 
791/18th Porche GT3 STRA SSE
801/18 1996  Lamborghini Diablo SV
811/18th 1964 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
821/24th 24K Gold #35 Drag Car
831/24th Top Fuel Dragster
841/18th 2000 Chevy SSR Concept
851/18th Lamborghini Diablo 
861/10th Harley Davidson Dina Wide Glide
871/18th 1992 Dodge Viper RT/10
881/18th Jaguar "E coupe" 1961 
891/18th 2003 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra
901/24th Top Fuel Dragster
911/18th 1932 Roadster
921/18th Jaguar XK180 
931/18th 1969 Pontiac GTO 
941/18th Mercedes Benz SLK 
951/18th C5 Corvette
961/18th 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe
971/24th Kenny Bernstein Dragster 
981/18th 1966 Mustang
991/18th 1997 Dodge Viper GTS Coupe
1001/18th 1932 Cadillac Sport PHAETON 
1011/18th Jaguar XKR
1021/24th 24k Gold #16 Hot Rod
1031/18th Lincoln Zephyr
1041/18th Indianapolis 500 Corvette
1051/18th 1970 Cuda 
1061/18th Hot wheel Slightly Modified 
1071/18th 1937 Ford Convertible 
1081/18th 1968 Shelby GT 500KR
1091/18th Aston Martin DB7 Vantage
1101/10th West Coast Chopper Sturgis Special 
1111/18th 1959 El Camino 
1121/18th 1933 Ford Coupe
1131/18th Dodge Viper GT2
1141/24th Swoop Coupe 
1151/18th Lotus Elise GT1
1161/18th 1929 Model A
1171/12th Viper RT/10
1181/18th 1941 Whilly's Coupe
1191/18th 1950 Ford Woody
1201/18th BMW Z4
1211/24th 24K Gold Goldberg Street Rod
1221/18th 1961 Mako Shark 
1231/6th Honda XR 400
1241/18th Ferrari 360 Spyder
1251/18th Ferrari 550 MARANELLO
1261/18th Crystler Prowler
1271/24th New York Yankees Top Fuel Dragster
1281/18th 1957 Corvette Gasser
1291/18th 1960 Chevy Impala 
1301/18th Harley Davidson F150 Pickup
1311/18th 1962 Corvette
1321/18th 1999 Mustang GT
1331/18th 1932 Ford Roaster Street Rod
1341/18th 1969 Chevy Impala Coverable
1351/18th Jaguar XJ220
1361/18th 1996 BMW M Roaster
1371/18th Lamborghinis SE
1381/18th Dodge Viper GTS
1391/18th 1969 Corvette
1401/18th 1965 Chevy Impala
141Cat women 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville 
1421/18th Dodge Viper GTS
1431/18th Dodge Concept Vehicle
1441/18th 2000 Chevy SSR Concept
1451/18th 1932 Ford Roaster Street Rod
1461/18th 1964 Impala Sedan
1471/18th Aston Martin DB7 Vantage
1481/18th Porche Boxster
1491/18th 1997 Dodge Viper GTS
1501/18th Porche 911 GT1
1511/18th 1998 Shelby Series 1
1521/18th 1969 Camaro 
1531/24th 24k Gold #29 Hermie Sadler Race Car
1541/18th Lamboghinni JOTA
1551/24th 24K Gold Greg Sacks #98 Race Car
1561/18th 1970 Challenger R/T
1571/18th 1967 Shelby GT 500 
1581/18th 1967 Nova
1591/18th 2000 SVT Mustang Cobra R
1601/18th Audi TT Roadster
1611/18th 2001 Chevy Corvette Z06
1621/18th 1963 Chevy Corvette Stingray
1631/18th 2000 PT Crusier
1641/10th Orange County Choppers Jet Bike
1651/18th Mercedes SLK-GTR
1661/18th Crysler Pronto Crusier
1671/18th Mini Cooper
1681/18th 2006 Dodge Charger R/T
1691/18th 1949 Mercury
1701/18th 1957 Chevy Nomad
1711/18th Shelby Cobra 427S/C
1721/18th Ferarri F50
1731/18th Opel Speedster
1741/18th 1934 Ford High Tech 
1751/18th 1958 Chevy Impala
1761/18th 1992 Ferarri 456 GT
1771/18th Audi Supersport Wagon
1781/18th Dodge Viper GTS
1791/18th 1994 Ferarri F355 Berlinetta
1801/18th Cadillac LMP
1811/18th 1990 Lamboghinni Diablo
1821/18th 2009 Nieson GT-R
1831/18th McLcaern F1
1841/24th Platinum Robert Presley # 77 Race Car
1851/18th 1999 Mustang GT
1861/10th Harley Davidson Soft Tail
1871/18th VW Drag Bus
1881/24th 24k Gold #21 Race Car
1891/18th Pro Street Corvette
1901/18th Drag Car
1911/18th 2002 Acura RXS
1921/18th 1969 Camaro 
1931/18th 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro
1941/18th 1972 Chevy Chevelle SS454
1951/18th Hot Rod
1961/18th Hot ROd
1971/18th Ford Truck 
1981/24th 1963 Corvette
1991/24th 1970 Plymouth Baracuda
2001/18th Ferarri 550 MARANELLO
2011/18th Ferarri 348 TS
2021/18th 1969 Plymouth GTX
2031/24th 1969 Dodge Charger
2041/24th 1955 Chevy Bellaire
2051/24th 1932 Ford
2061/24th 1933 Whilly's Coupe
2071/18th Mercedes SLK-GTR
2081/18th Custom 1957 Chevy 
2091/18th 1934 Ford NEWSTALGIA
2101/24th 2006 Ford Mustang GT
2111/24th 1932 Ford 3 Window
2121/24th 1962 Chevy Custom
2131/18th 1951 Mercury 
2141/18th 1970 Six Pack Challenger
2151/18th Jaguar XKR Roadster
2161/18th Honda S2000
2171/18th 1971 Chevy Chevelle SS454
2181/24th 1931 Ford Model A
2191/24th Don Garlits 1992 Dragster
2201/6th Indian Motorcycle
2211/18th 1969 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
2221/18th 1969 Camaro Z28
2231/24th Rumba Tub
2241/18th 1966 Mustang
2251/16th Radio Control 1963 Stingray
2261/16th Radio Control 1957 Chevy
228Chevy Neon Clock
229Ford Neon Clock
230Casino King Coin Slot Machine
231Criss Cross Coin Slot Machine
232Coin Slot Machine
233Michelob Light Hanging Clock
234Electronic Casino Slot Machine
235Big Jack Pot Coin Slot Machine
236Falstaff Wall Light
237Jacob Best Tap Handle
238Southwestern Bell Helmet Bottle Opener
239MillerTap Handle
240Bud Tap Handle 
241Olympia Tap Handle 
242Budweiser Tap Handle
243Iowa Hawkeyes Ice House Tap Handle
244Bud Man Salt and Pepper Shakers
245Hams Tap Handle 
246Falstaff Tap Handle 
247Lowenbrau Tap Handle 
248Olde English Tap Handle
249Pabst Extra light Tap Handle 
250Light Beer Baseball/Bat Tap Handle
251Michelob Tab Handle
252Miller Golfball/Tee Tap Handle
253Michelob Tab Handle
254Lowenbrau Tap Handle 
255Assorted Tap Handles
256Barbell Bottle Opener, Musical Wiskey Pourer, 1 Jigger Pourer
257Assorted Bottle Toppers
258Pee-wee Pete
259Assorted Pour Spoute, Martini Tester, Corkscrew
260Skull Display Knife
261Steel Apocalypse Trelek
262Dragon Case Double Blade Knife
263Galactic Firebire Knife
264Talons of Rage Knife
265Bud K Knife
266Distroyer Dagger 
267Bowie Knife
268Bowie Knife
269Hungry Hank Knuckle Guard Bowie Knife
270Eagle Lock Blade Knife
271Fist Hunting Knife
272Cowboy Knife
273Deer Knife
274Knife/Lighter Combo
275Fantasy Dragon Folding Knife
276Wildlife Collection Set
277Sheth Knife
278Sheth Dagger
279Mini Swords, Straight Razor
281Skull Hunting Knife
282Large Rebel Edge 2 Blade Knife
283Large Rebel Edge 2 Blade Knife
284Double Edge Knife
285Bud K American Eagle Dagger
286Relics of the Renaissance Candle Holder
287Relics of the Renaissance Candle Holder
288Duck Coaster
289Dale Eranhardt Ceramic Championship wall hanging
290Dale Eranhardt Ceramic Championship wall hanging
291Jewlery Box
292Dale Eranhardt Ceramic Championship wall hanging
293Dale Eranhardt Ceramic Championship wall hanging
294Eagle Wall Hanging
295James Dean Wall Plaque
296Eagle Wall Hanging
297Mini Spurs, Jack n'box, Figures, Matchstick Holder
298Wooden Figures
299Decortive Box with Mirror
300Geo P Haldy Blacksmith Straight Razor, Clover 4 Straight Razor
301Hammond Alarm Clock
302Miniture Boxes, Shark Tooth, Guitar Mini Clock, Shaving Stick Container
303WCW Sting Head Ringer
304WCW Goldberg Head Ringer
305WCW Hulk Hogan Head Ringer
306WCW Diamond Dallas Page Head Ringer
307Marvel Pewter Thor
308Marvel Pewter Sub-Mariner
309Marvel Pewter Wolverine
310Pewter Sports Illistrated Dan Marino 
311Pewter Sports Illistrated Babe Ruth
312Marvel Titanuium Spiderman
313Marvel Titanuium Dr Octupus
314Marvel Titannium Dr Octupus
315Marvel Titannium Green Goblen
316Pool Ball Light Set
317Bushnell 4X scope
318Assorted Lighters, Assorted Tobbaco Tins
319Assorted Jewlery Boxes
320Assorted Jewlery Boxes
321Set of 3 Mini Teapots
3226 Inch Lumin Disc
3236 Inch Lumin Disc
324Jack Daniels Gentlemens Playing cards
325Budweiser Playing Cards
326Corvette Metal Sign
327Indian Motorcycle Sign
3281966 Shelby Cobra Sign
329Lot of 4 Handcuffs
330SUperStinkers Water Gun
331SUperStinkers Water Gun
332Skull Handle Dagger
333Conference of the Recongized halal Certifcation bodies 2011 Knife with Woodcase
334Hunting Knife with Case
335Knife with Sheth
336Dagger with Sheth
337Orential Knife
338Small Tiger Knife
339Dagger with Sheth
340Eagle handle Bowie Knife
341Falcon Bowie Knife
342Orential Knife with Sheth
343Orential Knife with Sheth
344Orential Knife with Sheth
345Dagger with Sheth
346Dagger with Sheth
347Crocodile Knife Set
348USA constution Diamond Knife
349Hunting Knife 
350Hunting Knife with Knuckle Guard
351Orential Knife with Sheth
352Orential Knife with Sheth
353Cal-Hawk Hunting Knife
354Assorted Knives
355Assorted Knives
356Dark Art Colector Knife
357Assorted Knives
358Knife with Sheth
359Official Boyscout Knife
360Bowie Knife
361Hunting Knife
362Survival Knife
363Survival Knife
364Knife with Sheth
366Knife with Sheth
367Bowie Knife
368Bowie Knife
3692 Knife Set with Sheth
370Survival Knife
371Hunting Knife with Knuckle Guard
372alluminated disc brake wall clock
373Neon Clock
374Plasma Neon Wall clock
375Disco Wall Clock
376Spooky Time Fun Clock
377Texas Holdem Neon Light
378Watercolors light and sound sculpture 
379Bart Simpson Phone
380Neon Guitar Wall Clock
381Numbered Harley Davidson Stein
382Box of Carved Stone
3831/24th Posies Sweat back Coupe
384King Kong Figure
385Lava Wave Motion Machine
386Maxs Race cards Folder ( empty)
387Lot of 24 CDs
388Lot of 26 CDs
389Neon Aqua
390Elvis Plate
391Elvis Plate
392Nasa Plate
3931991 Championship Michael Jordan Plate
394Blondie Plate
395SpringMaiden Plate
396Summing of the Eagle Spirit Plate
397SnowRider Plate
398Timber Ghost plate
399Snow Lepard Plate
400the Lovers Plate
401Solitare watch Plate
40220 X 60 Binoculars
403Lot of 8 Sets Exercise Balls
405Lot of 8 Sets Exercise Balls
407Lot of 7 Exercise Balls
408Geyser Lamp
409Lot of 5 Large Exercise Balls
410Metallica Desktop Lamp
411Metallica Skull Ashtray
412Magistic Lion Bookends
413Alice Cooper Figure
414Broken Bones Windchime
415Double Gargoyle Candle Dish
416Gargoyle Light
417Ceramic Skull
418Fire Skull
419Gargoyle Collum Candle Holder
420Gargoyle Collum Candle Holder
421Double Dragon Clock
422Gothic Skeleton Clock
423Double Gargoyle Clock
424Double Gargoyle Clock
425Dragon Egg Clock
426Small Ceramic Skulls 
427Small Ceramic Skulls 
428Gargoyle Coffin
429Gargoyle Clock
430Lobatomy Electre
431Dragon on Crystal 
432Evil Clown Stash Box
433Dragon Candle Holder
434Fireworks Kaleidoscop
435Evil Clown Stash Box
436Gargoyle Candle Holder
437Evil Clowns Candle Holder
438Evil Clowns Candle Holder
439Skeleton Rainfall Fountain
440Harley Davidson Telephone
441Lot of 5 Trolls
442Lot of 5 Trolls
443Tranister Radio , Vintage Picture Cards, Toy Airplanes, Insignias
444Lot of 4 Trolls
445Lot of 8 Fair Mirrors, Suncatcher
446Jane Semore Musical Egg
447Jar with Marbles
448Redakaikairu Tin
449Redakaikairu Tin
450Redakaikairu Championship Tin
451Assorted Trading Cards 
452Redakaikairu Championship Tin
453Redakaikairu Championship Tin
454Redakaikairu Tin
455Redakaikairu Tin
456Redakaikairu Tin
457Box of  Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Cards
458Redakaikairu Tin
459Redakaikairu Tin
460Assorted Trading Cards (sports)
461X-men, Batman, Rock Trading Cards
462Baseball Holograph Cards
463Super Villans, X-men, Wolverine Cards
464Redakaikairu Cards in Sleves
465Misc Sport Trading Cards
466Misc Sport Trading Cards
467G I Joe, Marvel Cards
468Pokemon Cards JigglePuff
469Pokemon Cards Charizrd
470Pokemon Cards Mewtwo 
471Pokemon Cards Pikachu 
472Assorted Slammers
473Pokemon cards Charizrd
474Pokemon Cards JigglePuff
475Pokemon Cards PoliWhil
476Pokemon Cards PoliWhil
477Pokemon Cards Pikachu 
478Pokemon cards Mewtwo 
479Pokemon Cards Togepi
480Pokemon Cards Togepi
481Bakugan Battle Brawlers Card Set
482Container of Pokemon Cards
483Assorted Trading Cards
484Skybox Series 2 1994/1995 NBA Trading Cards
485Assorted Boxing Cards
486X-men VHS Tape
4871991 Dungens and Dragons Cards
488Redemption Booster Pack
489Magic the Gathering Trading Card Game
490Nolan Ryan Metal Collector Cards
491Lot of 3 Splatter Bowl Card Sets
492Jeff Gordon Metal Collector Cards
493Assorted Sport Trading Cards
494Assorted Sport Trading Cards, Empty Card Sleve, Star Trek Decals
495Baseball and Conan Cards
496Star Wars Dark Empire Metal Collector Cards
497Flair Marvel Cards
498Yo MTV Raps Trading Cards
499Yo MTV Raps Trading Cards
500Misc Football Cards
501Misc Trading Cards in Sleeves
50218 Wheeler Trading Cards
503Nascar Trading Cards
504Iowa Hawkeyes Chris Street Junior Year Card
505Linkd Glitter Expierence
506Spooky Elextra Blue Glass Red phosphor
507Dragon Candle Holder
508Dragon Book Ends
509Crystal Gyzer lamp
510Candle Holder
511Luminus Dragon Clock
512Infinity optics Interactive Light Show
513Gargoyle Ashtray
514Dragon Candle Holder
515Vampire Skull LED Water Fountain
516Skull Knife
518Gargoyle Candle Holder
519Babe Ruth Stien
520Dragon on Crystal 
521Crackle Tube Light Show
522Crackle Tube Light Show
523Plasma Lamp Skull
524Mistic Light
525Silent Winged Dragon
526Dragon Wall Chandalier
527Mystic Animal Skull
528Gargoyle Lamp
529Skull Figure
530Death Fountain
531Metallica Skull Ashtray
532Bat and Skull Mirror
533Dragon lamp
534Phenomenon Light Magic under Glass
535Phenomenon Light Magic under Glass
536"Protector" Sculpture
537Gateway to Hell Fountain 
538Obelisk Plasma
539Obelisk Plasma
540Hail Storm 
541"sunrise" Figure
542Plasma Lamp
543Evil Skull Canister
544Evil Skull Canister
545Dragon Head
546Dragon Head
54712 Inch Plasma Ball
5488 Inch Plasma Ball
549UFO Lamp
550Wizzard Figure
551Midevil Dragon
552Dragon Sconce with light
553Zombie Chip and Dip Bowl
554Sitting Dragon Lamp
555Dragon Mirror Candel Sconce
556Dragon Fountain
557Dragon Magazine Rack
558Gargoyle Light
559Leg Lamp 
560Gamma Disc Spinning LEG Light Show
561Gateway to Hell Fountain 
562Dragon Storage Box
563Wizzard Figure
564Serpentine skull Candle Holder
565Demon Skull
566Wizzard Alter Fountain
567supremacy of the night chess set
568Skull Fog Machine
569King Cobra with Fangs Figure
570Death Sword Table Lamp
571Gargoyle Wall Mister
572Dragon  Headlight
573Metallica Fountain
574Wizzard Glitter Lamp
575Alien Lamp 


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